Going For Gold



A golden approach towards empowering African women cyclists


Who we are

“Going for Gold” is an empowerment project aimed at building a golden South African and African women’s cycling team, targeting building a winning team  for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

What we do

“Going for Gold” wants to empower South African and African women cyclists with golden opportunities and golden life skills to enable them to become confident, well-balanced and mentally strong athletes and individuals. This will be achieved by incorporating cycling development, team building, mentorship and education.

Who we target

“Going for Gold” targets young, talented South African and African women with a passion for cycling.

The Mission

Going for Gold wants to lift the profile of women’s cycling so that it will become a more viable career for talented African women cyclists. In helping women to build their self esteem and their self worth through cycling and education, these women will be able to go out into the world, prepared to handle any challenge with confidence, skills and grace.

Through the lessons they learn through cycling and acting as ambassadors for their respective countries, they become agents of positive social change for themselves, their families, other women, their society and women’s cycling in general.

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