Meet Hazel Magill


Meet Hazel Magill: 19 year old, South African mountain bike powerhouse from Klerksdorp with a big appetite to perform and hunger to achieve even bigger dreams.

She told me all this in Knysna this past winter where we both happened to be on holiday riding bikes. She had introduced herself to me years ago at a race and I was impressed with her then but now she was even more impressive. She told me about her big cycling ambitions, how she achieved every single goal she set for herself the past two years and how she was finally making the move to Europe this year to ride for a small German team. She was full of maturity, positivity and passion, on and off the bike. This girl had it going on!

I was impressed with Hazel’s plan but, as prepared as she was, I knew first hand what was in front of her and it was tough. It was really tough, physically and mentally. I knew the only way I had survived was with the love and support of the people around me: my husband Carl, my family and friends, committed sponsors, mentoring coaches, friendly teammates and supportive team staff. I instantly decided to help Hazel. I wanted to be part of her support system and fill in the gaps where I could. If she was committed to making the leap, I was going to make sure she had wings.



I am therefore proud to announce that Hazel is part of the Going for Gold program. Going for Gold is an empowerment project aimed at empowering South African women cyclists with golden opportunities and golden life skills to enable them to become confident, well-balanced and mentally strong athletes and individuals. Through this program, Hazel will receive mentorship from me, my husband Carl and other people of influence, coaching support, race and equipment assistance, help to build a personal marketable brand and provide her with training, racing and networking opportunities.

Helping other young female cyclists pursue their passion for cycling is something that has been very close to my heart for a few years passing. And I’m very happy to finally be in a position where, with the help of my husband, Carl Pasio, and my sponsors we can extend a helping hand to Hazel. We are very proud to have Hazel as our first “student” in the Going for Gold program, and our hope is that the program can grow with every passing year.

Hazel is Going for Gold!

Hazel Magill was the 2013 African High School National Champion, competed at the UCI XCO World Championship in 2013, and claimed many titles as a junior. Entering the U23 category in 2014, Hazel gained experience at UCI World Series events and placed 3rd in the U23 category at SA Marathon Championships. Currently Hazel is in South Africa competing in the local road and mountain bike racing scene, but will be racing in Germany with a women’s team for most of the 2015 season. She is targeting U23 South African Road and MTB Championships with a long term goal of competing in the Commonwealth and Olympic Games. Connect with Hazel on Facebook, Twitter (@HazelMagill1) and Instagram (hazelmagill). For more about Hazel see:

Who is Hazel Magill 

Ride Like A Girl

Going for Gold is a support and mentorship program that empowers female South African cyclists with golden opportunities and golden life skills to enable them to become confident, well-balanced and mentally strong athletes and individuals. This will be achieved by incorporating cycling development, team building, mentorship and education. 


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