My Road to London #2

Discovering a talent


It was during my studies at Stellenbosch University that I met the man of my dreams, my husband Carl Pasio. When we met, he was a serious triathlete and it was through him that I discovered my cycling talent.

I remember the day quite clearly. During our first University break, I joined Carl for a holiday at his home in Knysna. Carl comes from a very sporty family and on arriving at his home, it was not long before his Dad, Norman, had insisted we join him for an evening cycle.

Having only cycled socially before, I eagerly whipped on my running shorts, a pair of trainers and jumped onto my Mom’s hybrid bicycle, which I had borrowed for the holidays.


Something unique about the Pasio family is their love for competition. We had hardly peddled out of the driveway, when Norman had turned on the pace and I found myself hanging on desperately to the Pasio pace line.

This was quite an intimidating experience to say the least, until Norman decided we should climb the hill to the top of the Heads just before returning home. On hitting the steep climb to the Heads viewpoint, suddenly I felt more in control.

In my running shorts and trainers (with no cleats) I held my own up the steep ascent and on arriving at the top, with the others breathing frantically; I felt a sense of achievement!

It was on this day that I heard Norman say to Carl, “you have found yourself a keeper. That girl can ride!”

Road to London #3: My first race bike

3 thoughts on “My Road to London #2

  1. Annerie

    Congrats on being selected for the Olympics! I hope everything goes well and that you will exceed all your expectations on race day!

    Will definitely be supporting you and other SA ladies!



  2. Katherine Stutterheim

    Ash, what an inspiration you are!! It has been so lovely to read through your blogs on ‘ My Road to London’ and seeing your pictures remind me of how it all started. What a privelage it is to be your sister 🙂 we are 110% behind you for your Olympic Adventure and we pray Gods abundant blessing on you! lots love x


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