Tour de Free State Photo Shoot

IMG_0069-2In March this year, the South African national team: Robyn de Groot, Cherise Taylor, Jo Van De Winkel, Lise Olivier, An-Li Pretorius and I took part in a photo shoot at Savannah Game and River Lodge near Parys, to market the Tour de Free State.

The objective of the shoot was to expose our feminine side, with the aim to target a female market. Thereby introducing them to professional cycling, an otherwise male dominated sport, in a more appealing way!

Women athletes are strong and muscular, but we can also be beautiful and feminine.



The shoot was rather challenging to say the least. We were all forced out of our comfort zones. Wearing high couture clothing, high heals and make-up is not something we do every day; and contrary to popular belief, pulling off that sultry model pose is not very easy at all.

The shoot proved to be a great success and team building exercise!

We all had lots of fun and I must admit, it was nice to dress up and feel beautiful for a change ☺

Thanks Pela Pela events and marketing for coming up with such an original way of marketing women’s cycling and thanks Bob at Savannah Game and River Lodge for providing such a fabulous location.


For more information, visit the official Tour de Free State website.

One thought on “Tour de Free State Photo Shoot

  1. Bernice

    Hi Ash

    Wow, stunning photo’s. You really pulled off the model pose.
    Best of luck with the last of your training and best of luck in London!!


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