Happy Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day in South Africa, a day to celebrate and commemorate our wonderful mother’s, their influence in our lives and in society. With about 10000km separating me from my very special mom, Frances; I find myself thinking of her and what she means to me on this day.


My mom is a blessing from God above!

Her selfless love and sacrifice for my sister Robyn and I, shines.

There is nothing my mother won’t do for us, her children.

Her strength and grace is inspirational.

She has always been there for us; to guide, encourage, love and protect us.

She has supported us through all the successes and challenges life has thrown at us; never judging, never pressurizing, and always encouraging us to be the best that we can possibly be!

There is no-one as devoted as my mother.

My mother holds my heart forever.

She is my mother and I would have no other!

Through my lifetime, I have been blessed with not only one special lady in my life, but three.

I have a wonderful step mother, Sandy, and mother in law, Sheila.

I’m very lucky to be blessed with so much motherly love, care and support!

God bless all mother’s!


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