The beautiful people of Eritrea

After my visit to Eritrea for the African Continental Road Cycling Championships this past November, I can truthfully say, I have fallen in love with Eritrea and it’s people!


My-eritrean-sisters1-2Feeling rather reluctant to travel to the depths of Africa after all the travelling I have done this year, Eritrea surprised me! It blew me off my feet!

What was it about the country that was so special? First and foremost it was the people;

their humility,

their warmth,

their kind nature,

their positivity,

and last but not least, their passion and love for cycling!

After writing a series of blog posts about my experiences in Eritrea, I could not believe the response I received from Eritreans all over the world! Their gratitude was humbling!

I would like to share some of the very touching comments:

“We have a very popular song of wedding in Eritrea “Asheleigh ho asele asele Asheleigh ho abmeda asele” that means you are well, come please land. So that is your name and please well come Eritrea is your second home becouse you are peace lovein, great role model of Womens Cycling. We love you; wish you all the best and you are the winner in the Olympic of 2012. We are proud of you and South Africa.” Aron

“Thank you for seeing our beloved city through your innner eyes. We love you because you feel our love for our city and our people. We are deeply honoured that you came to Asmara and saw Asmara with your heart. You are our sister, God bless you and keep you safe.” Daniel

“I read your beautiful and interesting article on your blog about Eritrea and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your fairness and kind words you had to say about Eritrea & its people. Eritreans at home & abroad are very proud of the successes of our National Men’s & Women’s cycling team. The competition has left a lasting positive impression on Eritreans and it is my hope that the peace loving & friendly Eritrean people also left a deep and lasting friendly impressions on all the other teams that participated in the competition. Thank you again and I wish you, your team & South Africa continued success.” Aman N.

These are just some of the very kind words I received from the Eritrean people. Please take some time to read more of the comments here. These comments reflect the nature of the Eritrean people very well!

Eritrea really made an impression on my heart! Of all the places my cycling took me to this year, Eritrea was definitely my favourite. The 2011 African Continental Championships was the highlight of my year. I will remember my experience there forever and I hope to return to Eritrea very soon!

Forza Africa!

3 thoughts on “The beautiful people of Eritrea

  1. E. Tesfa

    I’m so happy someone has recognized the people of my country Eritrea, they are so positive and their light shines through the dark even though they are in a tough time. i am so grateful and happy you liked it, cheers to you and good luck in your cycling from an American Eritrean 🙂


  2. daniel

    one more thing -PEOPLE OF ERITREA:-this people are known for their friendly behavior, If by chance you visit a local natives house where you might be offered food to eat. But the local custom would be to decline the eating request at least three times. Once the host utters the word “bezay kelalem”, it is only then one must agree to feast with them. hehehe we love u sister


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