Coronation Double Century 2011


The 19th Coronation Double Century race took place on Saturday 26 November 2011. The Double century is a 202km race starting and finishing in the picturesque town of Swellendam, South Africa. This is a rather prestigious event as it is the only Double Century race in the country. It is a team event, much like a very long team time trial. Each team can consist of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 riders. I joined the Cycle Lab Supercycling mixed team to take part in this years event.


The Cycle Lab Supercycling mixed team has won the team event for as long as I can remember and the team came into this years race with the aim to defend their title. In the past, the men in the team have done most of the work with the aim to protect the women, but this year the team tactics were somewhat more aggressive. The aim was ride in a single pace line, with all twelve members taking turns on the front to keep the pace high.


Our biggest competition on the day, was the Northcliff Cycles team from Johannesburg. They started 5 minutes ahead of us and included some strong elite men, namely Chris Froome from Team Sky.

Apart from two mechanicals, a puncture and a broken spoke, everything ran very smoothly on race day. We managed to win the team event by 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

I must admit that after a very long season, a 202km team time trial was a big ask, but apart from a bit of suffering, I really enjoyed the race! It was great to give something back to Cycle Lab, the club that has supported and carried our Nashua Toyota professional women’s team the past few years.

The team was fantastic, everyone gave their best on the day, we worked very well together and our team vibe was great!


Here are some of the race results:

Winning men’s team: Cape Town Market in 5h13min06sec, average speed of 38.71km/h and 1st overall

Winning mixed team: Cycle Lab Supercycling in 5h54min24sec, average speed of 34.20km/h and 10th overall

Winning women’s team: Vodacom C in 6h36min13sec, average speed of 30.59 and 37th overall

Fastest men’s team finishing with all 12 riders: Cape Storm Complete Cyclist in 5h54min48sec, average speed of 34.16km/h

Fastest mixed team finishing with all 12 riders: My training day in 6h12min30sec, average speed of 32.54km/h

Fastest women’s team finishing with all 12 riders: Coronangels in 7h44min43sec, average speed of 26.08km/h

The Coronation Double Century is a very special race! A 202km team time trial is not an easy feet, even for the seasoned professionals. Winning a race of this nature is a great achievement, but it is the guys and girls who battled it out, some for over 10 hours, but never gave up. They are the real hero’s! It is the camaraderie and team spirit that makes this race memorable.


Well done to all involved; organisers, marshals, cyclists, support vehicles and last but not least all the supporters along the way!

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