Success at Momentum 94.7 for Team Nashua Toyota

Momentum-94.7-2011I’m very happy to have ended off a long season with a big local win for Team Nashua Toyota at the Momentum 94.7! The race was incredibly well organised and took place on Sunday 20 November in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The elite women’s race was particularly exciting! Team Nashua Toyota went into the race with a plan to race aggressively, and that’s exactly what we did. Team mate Jo van de Winkel initiated an early four man break within the first 20km. The break consisted of Cherise Taylor (USN), Lise Olivier (MTN Qhubeka), Jo van de Winkel and myself. We all co-operated very well in the break and together we managed to hold off Team Bizhub, who were chasing hard from behind.

I wasn’t feeling my best on the day and after 60km of struggling along, I realised that my problem was coming from my back wheel. My back wheel was flexing under pressure and touching my frame with every pedal stroke. After chatting to my team car, we decided to do a bike change. This is how it all happened:



I must thank team manager, Dave Pieterse, for a very smooth and incredibly fast bike change. He had me on the new bike and on my way back to the break within seconds!

After a long hard day in the wind, the action really started in the last 10km. My team mate Jo and I put in a few attacks on the rolling hills approaching the finish line. When we realised nothing was going to stick, Jo got on the front and drove the pace really hard into the technical finish. Cherise took her wheel and I was on Cherise’s wheel. Jo initiated her sprint coming out of the final circle with about 300m to go. I waited on Cherise’s wheel and when I realised Jo wasn’t going to make it to the finish line first, I kicked.

IMG_1889It was great to take the win for Team Nashua Toyota. Jo was incredibly strong on the day and did a fantastic job! Cherise Taylor (USN) finished 2nd and Jo van de Winkel finished 3rd. We won the queen of the mountains jersey and the team competition. What a great year, with a wonderful team!

My team mates, sponsors, management, family and the general public have been incredibly supportive this year! None of this would be possible without every one of you out there! Thanks for the ongoing support, I am incredibly blessed and I look forward to an exciting 2012!


7 thoughts on “Success at Momentum 94.7 for Team Nashua Toyota

  1. Asmerom Afeworki

    Keep it up ….and make the continent proud. Being an eye witnnes of you performance in Asmara, I definetly count on you to take a podium position in the London Olympics 2012 and make me happy and proud.

    HI ASH!

    We enjoyed your cycling skills and talent during your stay here in the capital-Asmara. We would have been happy had we got the chance to see your climibing ability and descenting skills. Based on my personal evaluation from the Asmara ACC 2011 champoinships, I could say that you are a good time trialist and also a sprinter, which I hope are good qualities of a cyclist to win a single race. The Eritrean people would like to invite you to train on the hills of Eritrea so that you become an all rounded conqueror of the world.

    Many great wishes to your future and London Olympics 2012.
    With Love from Asmara
    Asmerom Afeworki


  2. Chris Wilkins

    What a great result Ashleigh. You are an force to be reckoned with. Very inspiring and we are proud to be associated with such an outright achiever! I love the bike change… must have felt like a South-Easter behind you once you changed over.
    Chris Wilkins


  3. Roger

    Very ggod results. very happy for you. We learn you stay in lotto team next year with 5 other S.A. girls. It’s a good news;

    Manon and Roger from belgium


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