African Continental Championships Eritrea, Day 4, 12 November 2011

IMG00249-20111112-1015 Cherise Taylor giving us a big smile and wave on this morning’s training ride in Asmara, Eritrea

Today is just an easy day for Team South Africa in Eritrea. We started off the day with an easy ride to spin out the legs after yesterday’s time trial and prepare for tomorrow’s road race. On our training ride, we checked out the road race circuit around Asmara city. It is a very flat, 10km circuit which we will do six times to make a total race distance of 60km.

The race is very short, so it will be important for Joanna van de Winkel, Cherise Taylor and I to make the racing hard from the very start. It was quite windy on course this morning and we will be sure to use the wind to our advantage tomorrow. Our aim is to take gold, silver and bronze to maximize our point scoring ability. The UCI points won at the African Continental Championships are very important to improve our country ranking internationally and of course for Olympic qualification.

The women’s road race starts on the main street of Asmara at 8am local time (7am South African time) tomorrow morning.

7 thoughts on “African Continental Championships Eritrea, Day 4, 12 November 2011

  1. Million Semere

    Congrats on your achievements! And, thank you for your candid and fair assessment of the People and their lovely city! Hopefully, you will be going back to Eritrea to help promote women cycling in Eritrea! With the right training- Eritrean women could achieve as much as their male counterparts!


  2. Joshua

    I am a very proud Eritrean to see all participants are very wellcome and stay in Eritrea as their second home. south african team you deserve to be the best. i wish u all the best and pls come and see Eritrea as a guest of honour.


  3. Moss ha

    That is the great nation of Eritrea . But you have to give all your best wishes to the people of Eritrea .the people keep the city clean & safe .the government do nothing.that is the peoples job.


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