African Continental Chamionships Eritrea, Day 3, 11 November 2011


ITT Podium at African Continental Championships 2011

Yesterday was a great day for South African women’s cycling. Cherise Taylor won and I came second in
the Indiviual Time Trial at African Continental Championships in Asmara, Eritrea!



The terrain outside Asmara where the Time trial was held

The conditions where tough today. The terrain was unforgiving and we had a strong headwind on the
way back to the finish line. To top that all off, it was no easy task time trialling at 2350m above sea level.
We had our work cut out for us, but I feel that both Cherise and I did a great job of making the most of
our circumstances!



A media motor bike filming me during the event

The event was very well organised and the support from the locals was amazing! I have never seen
so many people supporting a women’s cycling event anywhere in the world. The Eritrean people
are definitely very passionate about cycling and it was wonderful to be a part of the vibe today. The
media coverage was great and the people were genuinely interested in the women’s event.



Locals supporting the event

Talking to a Eritrean reporter afterwards, I commented on how much I was enjoying my stay in
Ertirea and how peaceful and friendly the people are. His response to me was that after the war with
Ethiopia, they were left with nothing, so they appreciate and respect everything that they now have.
What a wonderful attitude. One that every African nation can learn from.

It was a very proud moment standing next to Cherise on the podium this morning, singing along to
our national anthem. South Africa is a great country and I am very proud of my heritage!

3 thoughts on “African Continental Chamionships Eritrea, Day 3, 11 November 2011

  1. bini

    Congratulations on your win and whanks for your kind words. It is only when you have a personal experience that you can pass on judgement.
    I hope you had a safe trip back to South Africa and good luck with London Olympic


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