Gooik Lotto Cup race, Belgium

Some photo’s from yesterday’s Lotto cup race in Gooik, Belgium.






*Photo’s courtesy of Kris Claeye and Guy Kostermans

Yesterday’s race in Gooik was a bit frustrating for me! I felt really strong, but this does not really reflect in my result. A puncture just before a tough cobble section and climb meant I missed the crucial move of the day.

I was not in the bunch to see Marianne Vos‘s attack, but sounds like she timed it perfectly, just after the cobbles over the top of a climb. She did a great job to stay away solo for more than half of the race!

There wasn’t much cooperation in the bunch to chase Marianne, so I decided to take  a few punches myself to see if I could get away. Unfortunately the climbs that were left in the race just weren’t hard and long enough and were followed by long, fast descents; so everything just came back together. I couldn’t escape the bunch and coming into the sprint, I place 13th.

Yesterday’s race served as a perfect warm up for the racing that lies ahead in Spain. After a month break from racing, it was great to test out the form and stretch the legs. My next race is a World Cup race in Valladolid, Spain on Sunday 5 June.


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